It happened *again*, my truck was stolen *again* in front of my apartment last night. Looking for tag JVZ 313, a 1999 Chevy K1500 Silverado. Here's pictures of it before I got the plates changed over earlier this summer...

πŸ” Boost encouraged

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Tulsa Police (-) 

You know, you could just say "We don't care and we're not looking" *without* rubbing salt in the wound…

@Lordimpala I don't know! Pretty sure it has to do with this being a shitty neighborhood than me specifically

@BalooUriza Some old phart on the local radio swap shop show been calling in with a 2004 Silverado for sale under $3K but the tranny's busted

@BalooUriza Ahhh the wireless key extension trick. πŸ€” The thieve sets up a repeater which boosts the signal of the key in your appartment to the car and back. πŸ™„ It will probably happen again. switching of the keys might work, I am not sure if a Safe or cooking pot is enough to shield your keys signal but its worth a try. Anyway, good Luck with your search!

ups, I completely overlooked the build year of that car. so I accidently checked a more recent model if it has those keys.

@BalooUriza hello, Baloo. Sorry to hear that. I shared hoping you find it back safely.

Tulsa Police (-) 

@BalooUriza You need to invest in a The Club. Seriously, whatever happened to those? You put it on your steering wheel and lock it and they can't turn it to drive it off. $40 from Auto Zone, or $30 for an Amazon knockoff.

Bonus: it's a perfectly rational thing to have in the car itself if you need a blunt force object. With two car thefts on record, the police probably won't question it.

@bluestarultor It turns out the deterrent is purely psychological in nature and it gives a theif a handy lever to break the ignition steering lock easier.

@BalooUriza Actually a relative of mine is a car buff and one early secure steering wheel had a key lock on it that would do the opposite: if it was unlocked the wheel would spin freely and you'd never be able to get any leverage for the steering.

Of course it predates power steering and even airbags, which is why he didn't have it installed (it wasn't road legal). But you'd think they'd still have something like it.

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