Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

Telegram keeps your previous profile pictures in a separate album, visible to everyone.

You can see them by opening the settings panel, and clicking/touching your current profile picture there. From this album you can delete them individually.

To me this is kind of a hidden UI. Maybe it's common knowledge, but I decided to post just in case someone's not aware of this feature, and doesn't want an old picture publicly visible.

@shello I'm more surprised Mastodon doesn't do this, since I keep expecting it to. Handy when you aren't sure who someone is or why they're in your feed, since oftentimes I can open that album in Telegram and be like "oh yeah, they had this picture"

@BalooUriza I understand that use, but keeping an old profile picture around shouldn't be a thing without explicit consent.

Some folx I've spoken with also say it's useful to keep a history of 'sona art they use for profile pics, and that's a fair point as well.

My main gripe with this feature is how Telegram isn't clear in its UI about its existence... and that will catch people dealing with creeps/abusers by surprise at the worst times.


@shello Documentation and transparency problems seems to be a recurring thing at Telegram.

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