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If I wanted to invite someone who is into tech and queer stuff to a good place on the fediverse where would it be

@AndStatus Weirdly this thread doesn't fully load in either AndStatus or @fedilab

@BalooUriza Currently I see your post as no.36 in this thread. Will investigate this later near my computer...

@BalooUriza We see different parts of the same conversation, because we lookup this conversation from different (our account's) servers. And different servers have different subsets/parts of the same conversation due to limitations of currently used server-to-server protocol, and also due to restrictions like visibility of different remote servers and users...
#ActivityPub #C2S should solve this by allowing to query convo. from its origin, catgirl.sience in this case...

@BalooUriza I tried to use #ActivityPub #C2S protocol (avilable in #AndStatus app) to query the whole conversation directly from catgirl.sience, but it appeared that (#Pleroma) server version on that server doesn't support #ActivityPub client to server protocol yet :-(
@nia@catgirl.sciense @lanodan

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